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Is Osteopathy For You?


As a former dancer and theatre choreographer, Leon has a specialist interest in treating dancers, actors, and musicians. His regular clients include world class dancers at Sadlers Wells (see testimonials), acting companies at theatres including the Royal Court, and Almeida theatres, and internationally renowned touring musicians.

Sensitive to the demands of live performance, Leon offers emergency pre and post show call out service to theatres, bespoke injury prevention training, discounted block company booking rates, and regular special offers for performers on low incomes.

Sports Health

Leon has over 10 years experience treating Sports Injuries and is adept at helping patients make a speedy and safe recovery from injury. His passion as a Sports therapist is injury prevention: sharing strategies that help you to maintain optimum health and enhance your physical performance.

Leon is regularly asked to treat:

muscle tears

ankle sprains

rotator cuff injuries

groin strain

shin splints

knee / meniscal injuries

tennis and golfers elbow

As part of his commitment to helping patients prevent injury, Leon offers physical ‘MOT’ check ups, pre and post marathon treatments, rehabilitation and prevention exercise plans to help address areas of specific weakness vulnerable to injury.

Pregnancy & Motherhood

The body undergoes enormous changes through pregnancy and labour. Osteopathy can relieve discomfort throughout the stages of pregnancy, support preparation for natural birth, and assist the body in recovery and realignment after labour. In the months that follow, osteopathy can also help you to cope with the new postural strains of carrying and feeding your newborn.

Patients seek osteopathic intervention for a range of specific issues including:

lower back pain

upper back pain

pelvic pain

physical effects of anxiety



On a personal note, Leon is a parent of two children who had very different birthing journeys. He has first hand experience of Active and Water Birth training with Janet Belascus, as well as Hypnobirthing strategies; while also having had a baby with complex medical needs, born by emergency C-section. Whatever your own pregnancy experience and birth choices, Leon Baugh promises you a sensitive, empathetic service, working with your wider medical team to keep you in good physical condition through pregnancy and into motherhood.




Osteopathy for babies takes a gentle approach to treatment. Most paediatric osteopaths complete specialist training on a certified course. Before treatment commences a complete case histories is taken and comprehensive neonatal screening and musculoskeletal examinations performed. This is to ensure that your child does not need medical attention and is safe to treat with osteopathic techniques.


As children grow, their bodies go through a series of dramatic changes. Growth spurts as well as falls, bumps and sprains that can go with being an active child can generate physical stress in the body in much the same way as they can for adults.

The aim of osteopathy for children is to assist the adaptation of the child through their individual developmental changes, spot any serious issues that may need medical attention and provide treatment and management strategies for children and parents.

As a specialist paediatric osteopath and father of a child with complex medical and learning needs, I am committed to working with children with special needs and their families to help investigate complex presentations, offer physical relief from pain, and optimise physical development. Please email in advance to discuss any specific communication needs (I have a good working knowledge of Makaton) or to request a ‘What will happen at my visit to the Osteopath’ leaflet for your child.

Leon is in the process of completing his postgraduate specialist paediatric osteopathic practice training, and treats regularly at the British School of Osteopathy’s Children’s clinic.

As a parent of a child with Down Syndrome, Leon welcomes children with Special Needs to his clinic and is deeply committed to working with parents to help children with complex issues to optimise their health.


Mature Patients

As the body ages, a number of conditions and injuries may become more likely, including:


rheumatoid arthritis

back, neck, arm and hip pain

general stiffness, inflamed or aching joints

fall related injuries

Leon Baugh offers gentle, safe treatment that can help alleviate discomfort and pain, reduce dependence on medication and help keep you moving as you enjoy your retirement to the full.


Working Life

A wide range of different injuries can arise from our daily habits in the workplace. Osteopaths are regularly asked to help patients with the following types of injuries and complaints:

Office work involving desk/computer use: headache, backache, neck and shoulder pain, repetitive strain inury (RSI), carpal tunnel syndrome, general postural issues.

Manual work: back and disc injuries, sciatica, muscle strain arising from heavy lifting and repetitive bending actions.

Police and Armed Forces Personnel: common occupational issues relating to wearing protective vests or carrying heavy equipment for prolongued periods including lower back and neck pain.

Driving: postural complaints including shoulder, neck, back, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain.

In addition to helping alleviate the above injuries and complaints, Leon can offer postural correction advice, injury prevention strategies and occupation-specific exercise plans. Company packages, and work-place clinics are available to employers who wish to demonstrate their commitment to keeping their employees in optimum physical health.