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“When I came to Leon to address the issue I was having with my rotator cuff I was a little desperate. I work in film and television and use my body in skilled areas such as horse riding, sword fighting and puppeteering. I had been having on and off pain for the past two years and my last bout of pain was pretty excruciating.

I had tried many different therapies and nothing seemed to work. Leons expertise as an osteopath and acupuncturist combined with his great sensitivity to body awareness undoubtedly instilled in him from years of dancing has made him a great healer. He treated the afflicted area and surrounding areas with such intuitiveness I felt an immediate relief.

Unlike many practitioners Leon then prescribed me a regime of exercises that I diligently follow. They were simple to follow and very specific to my injury. The result is that I now sleep well and can fully return to work as an actor. In less than six months I now sleep well and rarely feel pain. He is easy to talk to and intuitive when he works. I could not recommend Leon highly enough.”

Ross Mullan


“Always ready to tackle a new physical mystery, a pleasure to talk to and a very professional man that I would recommend in the blink of an eye. Thank you so much for all you did for me.”

Sylvie Guillem


“I came to Leon for acute pain in my neck, and as a musician, I really needed special treatment. His knowledge of anatomy, of the latest health research and his sympathetic and holistic approach were truly impressive. I have already recommended him to several friends. On top of it all, he is a very engaging and friendly person.”

Erin Headley


“I came to Leon with terrible neck pain and constant headaches as a result. He quickly identified the problem and after one session I experienced significant relief from the pain I was experiencing. Leon is passionate about Osteopathy and goes above and beyond to be the best in the field – he is highly intelligent and capable at understanding the complexities of the human body, examining every potential cause of your complaint and coming up with a speedy solution. He also gives comprehensive advice on how to resolve your problems in the long term  – something not all Osteopaths offer. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough! ”
Rosie Emberton

“Former dancer Leon Baugh, who performed at Sadlers many times over his career, is now a much valued therapist, treating many of our top performers and companies whenever they come to London.”

Sadlers Wells Theatre, London.

“I recently had a very helpful treatment from Leon Baugh. He is very skilled and was able to very quickly identify which areas of my back needed attention. Thank you Leon!”

Christian Malcolm

IT Consultant

“Leon has been treating the Company here at The Royal Court Theatre.  The whole Company are always very happy to be seen by Leon and he produces amazing results.  They are always asking when he’s coming again.”

The Royal Court Theatre, London

“Leon is a great osteopath with extensive knowledge and a warm disposition. He has treated my husband and myself with great results. Both of us highly recommend him.”

Jennifer Brown